Megan Jenkins, Yoga

Megan JenkinsMegan runs a Vinyasa flow yoga class, every Sunday morning from 10 – 11.15am. She guides students through a sequence of mindful movements designed to promote strength and ease in body and mind. All levels of experience welcome! To book please email or send a message via /

After over 10 years practicing various forms of vinyasa flow, my practice perpetually evolves through a daily exploration of mindful movement, rooted in the qualities of freedom, openness and compassion.

In guiding students through their own unique movement journey my aim is to create a space for open hearted self enquiry, connection and individual expression. Above all, my classes are a welcoming and supportive space for students to explore, feel and simply be, moving towards an increased sense of inner and outer strength, presence and peace.

Free Reign Yoga logoCompleting the 200hr YMTT course was a fascinating journey. Diving under the skin to learn about the anatomical wonders whirring beneath, sparked a fascination with the human body. I continue to greedily research and study yoga philosophy and anatomy, attending conferences and workshops whenever and wherever possible (preferably India!).

I believe yoga to be a deeply creative practice, an intuitive and sensitive tool to help navigate our own individual and ever evolving needs, with a sense of awareness and curiosity.